Hamburger Seasoning Recipe-5

Hamburger Seasoning Recipe-5

A good hamburger seasoning recipe is sure to add a great deal of zest to your hamburger: your guests will be wondering why your hamburgers taste better than anyone else’s. The following recipes require that you mix them with one to one and one-half pounds of hamburger prior to forming the hamburger meat into patties.

Hamburger seasonong recipe ingredients:

1. Two teaspoons of Paprika;
2. One and one-half teaspoons of ground black pepper;
3. One and one-quarter teaspoon of salt;
4. One-half teaspoon of brown sugar;
5. One-quarter teaspoon garlic powder;
6. One-quarter teaspoon onion powder; and,
7. One-quarter teaspoon ground cayenne pepper.

Hamburger Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Notice in the above hamburger seasoning recipe the use of sweet ingredients incorporated with salty and hot spice. This is a key principle in creating great seasoning with respect to a hamburger seasoning recipe: You want if you can to always combine salty and sweet and when appropriate introduce a hot spice such as cayenne pepper to the mix. The combinations of tastes will make for a sensational tasting hamburger relative to our topic hamburger seasoning recipe. 


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  1. I want to add a word about preparing the burgers for cooking.

    First: I recommend getting a butcher to grind the ground beef only once for hamburgers as this allows for more fat retention and a jucier and more flavorful burger. Most hamburger is ground twice. The chefs I know prefer a single grind.

    Secondly: Along with your chosen seasoning, I recommend four tablespoons mineral water and two tablespoons dry breadcrumbs per pound of meat before making the patties.

    Third: Shape the patties with as little pressure as possible, do not over handle the meat and do not squeeze it too much before shaping the patties. Handling the meat too much can make the finished burger tough.

    Fourth: Do not press on the cooking patties with a spatula or anything like that because the juice gets squeezed out and the burgers become dry.

    Fifth: Since cooking ground beef tends to rise in the middle, depress the center of each patty with a thumb in order to make a "Well" in the meat before cooking.

    Sixth: If you are interested in a "Crunchy" burger, I recommend shaking a small amount of food starch onto the patties before cooking them.