Hamburger Seasoning Recipe-5

Hamburger Seasoning Recipe-5

A good hamburger seasoning recipe is sure to add a great deal of zest to your hamburger: your guests will be wondering why your hamburgers taste better than anyone else’s. The following recipes require that you mix them with one to one and one-half pounds of hamburger prior to forming the hamburger meat into patties.

Hamburger seasonong recipe ingredients:

1. Two teaspoons of Paprika;
2. One and one-half teaspoons of ground black pepper;
3. One and one-quarter teaspoon of salt;
4. One-half teaspoon of brown sugar;
5. One-quarter teaspoon garlic powder;
6. One-quarter teaspoon onion powder; and,
7. One-quarter teaspoon ground cayenne pepper.

Hamburger Seasoning Recipe Instructions

Notice in the above hamburger seasoning recipe the use of sweet ingredients incorporated with salty and hot spice. This is a key principle in creating great seasoning with respect to a hamburger seasoning recipe: You want if you can to always combine salty and sweet and when appropriate introduce a hot spice such as cayenne pepper to the mix. The combinations of tastes will make for a sensational tasting hamburger relative to our topic hamburger seasoning recipe.